Israel offers rich pickings for investors in clean energy technology


Israel has generated a number of leading clean energy companies, and it is about to generate a lot more. "And on the Eighth Day" is the first report on the clean energy industry in Israel by leading specialist investment analysts New Energy Finance. It looks at all sectors of clean energy in one of world's most important technology powerhouses, and finds an abundance of opportunities.

Israel spends more on R&D per unit of GDP, and has more engineers per capita, than any other country in the world. It also has more reason than most to develop alternatives to fossil fuels. This report, by the world’s leading independent providers of analysis to investors in renewable energy, biofuels, low carbon technology, and the carbon markets, identifies Israel’s leading startups, technology incubators and investors.

New Energy Finance estimates that Israeli clean energy technology companies have an immediate need for $210m of venture capital and private equity. The report also forecasts $1.5bn to be invested in renewable energy projects over the next ten years.

Israeli clean energy companies are active across all sectors, especially in the areas of solar energy (photovoltaic and thermal), power storage, grid intelligence, hydrogen and fuel cells. Israel has already produced some of the world’s leading clean energy companies, such as Ormat Technologies (NYSE:ORA, $1.35bn market capitalization), and Medis Technologies Ltd (NASDAQ MDTL, $711bn market capitalization),which are both members of the WilderHill New Energy Clean Energy Innovation Index (^NEX). Interesting unquoted companies include Alga Technologies, Cerel, Elspec, Engineuity, Genova, GreenFuelCells, MainNet Communications, Metal-Tech, Millennium Electric, Modcon, Solel Solar Systems and many others.

“Israel has been doing world-class research into clean energy technologies for decades, but the state-owned monopoly electricity utility has been slow to provide support for pilot projects. So there is an overhang of technology just waiting for venture capital and private equity investors to step in,” said Michael Liebreich, CEO and Founder of New Energy Finance. “Anyone looking to invest in clean energy technology should be in Israel right now.”

‘On the Eighth Day’ is published by on 27 November 2006. It is 43 pages long and contains 17 figures, 30 tables and six case studies. The price will be £795.00 / $1495.00 / €1195.00 + VAT.

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Publication Date: 27 Nov 2006

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